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socalaquatration boat with fisherman

Custom Marine Flooring Experts

Providing custom-designed marine flooring with unparalleled comfort, safety, and durability to recreational and commercial and boaters.


The AquaTraction Experience

SoCal AquaTraction provides the boating industry’s finest flooring material for every boat and budget.  Our CAD specialists custom design and engineer every project from start to finish and each component is meticulously and accurately cut with CNC routers to ensure a perfect fit.  Backed with a 5 year warranty and the fastest lead time in the industry, this advanced marine flooring adds style and comfort to your vessel, while offering exceptional traction, ongoing durability, and uncompromising safety for every boating excursion. 


We guarantee our process is faster than our competitors...

so you can get back to enjoying your boat!

Why Your Boat Needs AquaTraction

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Yacht Moving Fast on Water

Described as the carbon fiber of the marine flooring industry, AquaTraction delivers precision that can withstand the harshest marine environments.  It's designed and engineered to custom fit your boat.

  • It's more durable, lighter and will not shrink like other products on the market.

  • It's easy to clean and stain resistant.

  • It's closed-cell technology will not absorb moisture and therefore mildew will not form.

  • It stays cool in the hot sun while providing traction and comfort.

  • It covers existing fiberglass imperfections, scratches and damage.

Best In Class Custom Image Options

Laser imagining technology.  No detail is too small!

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Serving California, our Team will exceed your expectations

Marina with Boats

An Industry Leader Built with People-Centric Quality, Experience, and Character

As a distinguished leader in the marine flooring sector, passion sparks and elevates everything we do, from initial consultations to creating custom-designed solutions for boat and yacht flooring needs, repair, and maintenance. Our work provides so much more than being your average boating expert.

Fusing over 25 years of extensive knowledge of marine plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and electronic systems with SoCal AquaTraction people first credo, our team of qualified and experienced professionals are creative and critical solution architects who think “outside the box” when it comes to bringing you the top-of-the-line, advanced marine flooring. With unparalleled features such as bacteria and mold resistance, UV protection, and superior resistance to water and oil, trust your investment with a proven company that has built its client-base and reputation on the finest customer experiences. 

"SoCal AquaTraction had completed a project on my son's boat which was very detailed and involved.  After inspecting their work using AquaTraction flooring, I wanted it also and had them do my boat.  The owner of this company is personable and very professional.  I'm happy with the experience and the quality of their installation." - Pete P.

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Looking For A New Business Opportunity?

Large Marina with Yachts

Join Our Dealer Partner Program

Have you considered expanding your current business or starting a new one?  SoCal AquaTraction serves the state of California.  We have a limited number of partnerships available for just the right individuals who want to deliver custom flooring to one of the largest territories in the country.  We offer two types or programs with a minimal investment, training, and on-going support.  Learn more about this  exciting opportunity.​

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