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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where is SoCal Aquatraction Located?
    Everywhere! In California that is! We are a mobile company and we come to your boat, marina, house, storage, etc. to perform all aspects of installing a new Aquatraction floor.
  • Does AquaTraction Stain? Cleaning Methods?
    NO! AquaTraction does not stain. Our floors clean easily with a boat brush and water. Our competitors use an EVA / EVA PE blend foam which is not 100% Closed Cell such as ours. AquaTraction foam is 100% PE which makes it 100% Closed Cell and 100% Stain Resistant. For dried on items, we recommend a mild soap if needed. Tougher stains, such as Sharpie Marker or Wood Stain, a stiff brush and Simple Green works great. For the toughest stains, you can use a 50/50 mixture of Bleach and Water.
  • What Is Light Amplification?
    Light amplification is the reflection of sunlight off surfaces adjacent to AquaTraction and may create a supercharge "laser beam like" light, that will exceed maximum temperature of 180 degrees. Think of it as a magnifying glass and the sun. This will in effect melt the Aquatraction. Our competitors have a melt threshold of 160 degrees. Most boats do not experience this effect and is usually never an issue. Our estimators always try to identify a possible issue at the time of our first visit and offer remedies. Aquatraction will warranty Light Amplification one time and the client must work with Aquatraction in remedying the issue.
  • What's The Life Expectancy Of AquaTraction?
    The average life span of AquaTraction in California with average use and cleaning... Stored with a cover, 7-10 years Stored uncovered, 5-7 years
  • How long is the process to having AquaTraction Installed?
    From the time that we digitize your boat, to the installation day is 2-4 weeks. Much better than our competitors which are typically 8 weeks or more.
  • I have an existing floor. Does it need to be removed?
    There are many different types of boat flooring that has been used over the years. Here is a basic list and what is needed to install Aquatraction flooring. Bare nonskid fiberglass/gelcoat - There are no steps needed to be done Teak/Wood - The teak will need to be sanded smooth and several coats of clear epoxy coating is needed. Plas-teak - Plas-teak needs to be removed completely. A difficult job, but can be done. Glued down Carpet - The carpet needs to be removed and remaining carpet fibers need to be sanded away. An epoxy coating may need to be added. Snap in Carpet - The easiest of them all. Carpet pads are removed, snaps are unscrewed from the floor and the remaining holes are then filled with epoxy.
  • What colors, if any are not covered by the warranty for fading?
    Aquatraction spends a great deal of resources to ensure that their product does not fade. That being said, there are a few colors that just cannot be warranted for fading. Red Orange Royal Blue If you choose to use these colors, we suggest keeping your boat covered at all times during storage.
  • What About Pets And AquaTraction?
    Pets (dogs) enjoy the feel of the cushion like pads of AquaTraction. While our material is tough, it is foam and if scratched at enough, like dogs do sometimes, it will tear.
  • Floor Preparation?
    Floor preparation is vital in the longevity of your new decking. While SoCal AquaTraction will guide you through the preparation steps, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to have their vessels floor ready for installation of your decking. At time of installation, if our installers determine that the floor is not ready for installation due to inadequate floor prep, we will re-schedule installation at a future date and guide you through the steps necessary. We reserve the right to charge a trip fee of no less than $100.00 for the travel and time incurred following a re-scheduled installation due to inadequate floor preparation.
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