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Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Digitizing/Templating Process

Prior to Installation

Installation Day


After Installation

Job Turn Times

  • Job turn times start from the completed scan of your vessel. 3-5 days to create file, 3-5 days for manufacturer drafting. Once client approves the design, 3-5 days for manufacturing, 4-5 days in shipping and 3-5 days scheduling installation.

  • Delays may be incurred due to shipping, client approval, holidays, etc. Turn times quoted are for estimation purposes only and are estimated using working days (Monday-Friday).

    All jobs require a 50% deposit prior to drafting/templating.

  • The balance of the job is due when the job is complete. *

  • In the event a portion of the job cannot be installed at the time of installation, due to fitment or damage issues, the cost of those panels will be held back from payment, with the remainder of the job balance due. Once the panels in question are installed, the final balance is due.

  • We accept, Visa, Mastercard and Cash. We do not accept checks. We do not offer payment terms.


  • Digitizing/Templating/Approval Process

  • All flooring area to be covered needs to be free of dirt and loose items need to be removed prior to the arrival of the digitizer. Seating that can be removed, must be removed.

  • The tolerance of the digitizer is 1/8”-1/4”.

  • If there are any specific design requirements, this must be made known prior to digitizing.

  • After completion of digitizing, should boat owner make any design changes that require a new scan, there will be a $150 re-digitizing fee plus travel charges assessed.

  • Certain non-skid patterns require the use of “double adhesive”. Your salesman will make that known at the time of estimate. This is a required step to ensure the full warranty of AquaTraction LLC.

  • A PDF proof will be emailed to the boat owner for approval of the pattern and color, along with the overall look of the decking. It is the responsibility of the boat owner to review and approve the attributes of the decking.

  • Once the job is approved, any changed made, whether it is before or after installation, drafting and re-cut charges will be imposed. Minor changes can be made that do not incur additional charges.

  • Major changes will incur additional drafting charges. SoCal AquaTraction will make 2 additional minor changes before additional drafting charges will be imposed.


  • Prior to our arrival for installation, the floor must be clean and all items to be removed. We recommend that you have your floor professionally cleaned/detailed before your AquaTraction floor is installed. At the very least, the floors must be brush and soap clean. SoCal AquaTraction does not detail or prep floors other than what is needed to adhere the pads within the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Hardware, seats, batteries, coolers, or anything that needs to be disconnected or removed prior to installation, must be done so by the boat owner. If the boat owner requires assistance regarding the removal and re-installation, there will be an hourly charge added to the job.

  • SoCal AquaTraction  does not remove existing flooring.

  • The gap between panels may have a 1/8”-1/2” space between them which will show the floor underneath. It is the responsibility of the Boat Owner to ensure that the floor is ready, according to your expectations.

  • Delays in client preparation of boat flooring resulting in missed installation date will require an additional payment (50% of invoice balance).

  • Please note that AquaTraction LLC. Incorporates their logo on every decking job. It is a small 4” oval on one pad only. If you would like to omit the logo, you must notify us during the approval process.


  • SoCal AquaTraction prefers the boat owner be present during installation. If you are unable to be present, we require full access to the vessel, including marina gate access.

  • In your absence, we require you to be available by phone should any issues arise.

  • In the event the job cannot be completed due to inability to reach the boat owner for issues to be resolved, a 2nd trip charge will be added to the job total.


  • Once the floor is installed, photos will be taken and emailed or texted to you. Balance of the job is due immediately. We do not offer payment terms.

  • Once payment is received, you will receive a paid invoice, warranty information and cleaning/care instructions.

  • Bubbles are rare but do happen if the decking is installed during hot, sunny days. If a bubble occurs, it is easily fixed by taking a needle to pierce the bubble and press down to allow the adhesive to contact the boat deck. In the event a bubble cannot be remedied by this method, please call SoCal AquaTraction and we will schedule a service appointment.

  • Light Amplification Issues. On rare occasions, a phenomenon called Light Amplification may happen on some areas of your boat. This is when sunlight reflects off a part of your boat and magnifies the intensity of the light to melt the decking. AquaTraction decking will start melting at 180 degrees. We will warrantee this issue one time within the first year and there are a couple of different remedies that will be discussed if this does occur.


  • Maximum Laser Logo size is 36”x 36”. Maximum CNC Logo size is 38”x78”

  • Laser Logos are clean and crisp but will only change the top color of the pad by a few shades.

  • CNC Logos are a bit less crisp but will show the bottom color.


  • SoCal AquaTraction reserves the right to use photos of your decking installation, before and after for marketing purposes, including but not limited to website, social marketing, print, etc. We will never use or share any of your personal information. You may opt out of this by emailing us at


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