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Warranty Information

Limited Warranty On AquaTraction Products

This limited warranty is made by AquaTraction Marine LLC. ("AquaTraction") in connection with the buyers purchase of an AquaTraction product.


By purchasing an AquaTraction product the buyer accepts the details of the warranty and acknowledges the following;

  • The buyer fully understands the terms and limitations of this warranty

  • The buyer understands this warranty is only valid when pads are measured and installed by a certified AquaTraction full service dealer.


  • AquaTraction provides a 36 month limited warranty to the buyer (non-transferable warranty to first buyer) that covers workmanship and functionality at the time of installation and for a 36 month period thereafter.

  • Manufacturing defects at time of installation - customer final inspection is required at time of installation.  Any gouges, mis-cuts or manufacturing defects should  be brought to the attention of the full service dealer.  Identified issues will be resolved through the support and help of the full service dealer and fully covered under warranty. If customer is not present, photos will be sent by the full service dealer for approval.  Re-cuts after installation date will be eligible for discounted re-cut rates.

  • Adhesion - This limited warranty does cover adhesion of AquaTraction onto non-porous surfaces such as fiberglass and aluminum, when installed by a certified AquaTraction full service dealer.  Adhesion warranties are covered 100% of material costs for 0-1 years upon installation for specific pads that have adhesive issues.  Year 1-2 will be discounted 60% of retail price and Year 2-3 will be discounted 25% of retail price.

  • Light amplification - AquaTraction may distort or fade when exposed to temperatures exceeding 180 degrees F.  Reflection of sunlight off surfaces adjacent to AquaTraction may create a supercharge "laser beam like" light, that will exceed maximum temperature.  AquaTraction will cover distorted pads 100% of material costs, one time upon installation for 0-1 years.  Year 1-2 will be discounted 60% of retail price and Year 2-3 will be discounted 25% of retail price.  Once light amplification is identified, customer must work with dealer for future resolution.  Warranty pads will be re-cut and resent to customer for installation.

  • Fading - Some fading and/or discoloration may occur over time in a marine environment.  Excessive fading or discoloration will be covered under warranty.  Fading and discoloration warranties are covered 100% of material cost for 0-1 years upon installation for specific pads that have fading issues.  Year 1-2 will be discounted 60% of retail price and year 2-3 will be discounted 25 % of retail price.


  • Expansion / Contraction - AquaTraction is a synthetic material and is expected to expand and contract with different climates and temperatures.  AquaTraction will not cover pads that experience minor expansion and contraction.

  • Air Pockets - Air trapped under installed pads is common, and may go unnoticed until air begins to expand and contract.  Use of a needle or utility knife will allow air to be released and pads to be adhered back to substrate.

  • Stains - Through extensive testing it has been proven that items such as a sharpie marker, wood stain and grease can be removed from AquaTraction.  General scheduled cleaning with a heavy scrub brush and water/detergent mixture is required.

  • Objects Placed on Decking - Objects such as entry carpets, buckets, etc. placed on the decking that can increase the heat in excess of 180 derees is not covered by this warranty.


AquaTraction customers should contact their local full service dealer that installed the AquaTraction Marine Flooring.  Customer should submit photos of the issue as well as an explanation of the problem.  This information will be reviewed by AquaTraction headquarters to determine corrective course of action.


AquaTraction products that are determined to have material and workmanship defects will be covered under limited warranty.  AquaTraction products that are determined to be defective within 3 years of date of installation will be replaced.  It is noted that some warranty claims will incur discounted charges for replacement.  At AquaTraction's sole opinion, they may choose to cover shipping charges incurred by replacement pads within the United States.  International buyers will be responsible for all international shipping charges outside of the United States.

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